WRS 200 - Serie 25
WRS 200 - 25 Series

RHINO WRS 200 Water Recycling System

compact, fast, efficient

RHINO WRS 200, the hi-tech vehicle specifically designed to clean road surfaces and to remove oil, greasy substances, colour stains and residues that are normally extremely difficult to remove. The cleaning process is efficient and ecological and has a low impact on the environment.
Rhino also offers a cost-effective solution in terms of use and disposal.

Special technical features:

  • Vacuum suction unit with water treatment system
  • Extreme mobility thanks to the independent power supply with electric power generator
  • Maximum efficiency and broad working range
  • Low environmental impact and disposal costs
  • High-pressure cleaning cycle with hot water and simultaneous vacuum suction
  • Perfectly restores the original quality of any surface regardless of the type of stain and in all circumstances
  • Ensures road safety and hygiene in the environments
  • GGVU certification and European patent (EPO)

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    Water Recycling System

    WRS/Water Recycling System - High power reserve

    Thanks to the machine’s unique recycling system, the water can be reused multiple times. Once filtered, the water is recycled to be used in a new cleaning cycle, which allows the operator to use the vehicle non-stop and ensures maximum independence, without the need to topup the water. This system of recycling the vacuumed water makes it possible to clean large surfaces while ensuring maximum flexibility of use. According to analyses conducted by the Institute for the Environment, the filtered water does not need to be treated or disposed of
    separately. Lab tests accredited according to the DIN EN ISO standard confirm that the water, once treated, is free of heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons and halogenated volatile hydrocarbons.

    Electricity generator

    Independent power supply to provide maximum flexibility

    The special RHINO vehicles stand out because of their technical characteristics, including the mobile power supply.

    A generator of 8 kW electricity mounted directly on the vehicle's engine and designed by RHINO powers the vehicle and system, making its operation independent.

    Boiler and high pressure

    Perfection lies in the details

    The boiler unit to heat-up the water (hotbox) and the high-pressure unit have a combined function controlled by a single electric engine and have been specifically designed to operate perfectly in sync.

    The design and quality of the components "made in italy" guarantee the perfection of every detail, saving on weight and space.

    The pressure and the water temperature are easy to adjust by hand.


    Control and Monitoring unit

    The control unit monitors the system as a whole and makes all the information available to the operator on a display that is easy to use.

    The individual components can be operated separately and the display shows the exact level of water in the clean water and waste water tanks and the level in the additional diesel tank that fuels the boiler.

    Aluminium drawers

    To store away everything in the right place

    The design of these drawers has been studied carefully and in detail to make the vehicle compact and ensure its ideal use.

    The retractable side drawers are made of aluminium and allow you to store and transport all your working tools safely.

    Water flow

    Water flow control

    The flow of clean water and waste water is constantly monitored by a set of digital metres that allow the operator to always check the system’s condition and the water filtration process.

    Reducing the flow of water informs the operator that the filter is being replaced and the filter replacement process is fast and simple.

    Service conductors

    Cleaning and Suction of liquids and solids

    The suction hose reel designed by Rhino is entirely made of aluminium and can accommodate up to 21 metres of hose.

    The high-pressure hose reel is made of stainless steel and has the same length.

    Both conductors allow you to work up to a radius of 21 metres, offering abundant flexibility, which comes in handy for a variety of tasks.

    Electrical system

    Power supply from an external network

    The electrical system has been designed in compliance with the applicable EU standards, which make it highly reliable.
    In fact, out of the vehicle and on the ground there is no dispersion of electricity.
    When used in enclosed areas, the system is supplied with power from the mains, leaving the engine switched off.

    This solution allows you to use Rhino in places that are particularly prone to pollution.


    Set-up of the Interior Spaces

    The spaces in the WRS 200 have been used to make the vehicle compact and perfect even in the smallest details.
    The set-up is entirely in aluminium and has been designed specifically for RHINO.

    Under the second floor are several retractable side drawers measuring 735x520mm in size for the comfortable and safe transportation of all your tools.

Technical Specifications

Suction power and volume
Vacuum 400 mbar
Air volume 440 m³/h
Power 230 Volt,2.2 kW
Water heater-boiler 3.026
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Water flow 25 Litres/Min.
Outlet temperature 150 C°
Heating power Kcal/h 90000
Maximum pressure 250 bar
High pressure 11/200 bar MH3001
Power 2.2 KW 50Hz
Pressure 200 bar
Water flow 11 Litres/min.
Max. outlet temperature 150° C
Automatic hose reel
Suction hose ø 40 mm 21m
High-pressure hose 21m
Deep suction up 10 m in depth
WRS (Water Recycling System)
Average reserve no changing filters 1,000 litres (5 cycles)
Recycling and filtration 35 litres/min
Maximum rated power reserve without
replacing the filters and in normal
operating conditions
up to 12,000 litres
Aluminium Vacuum System
Clean water capacity 220 Litres
Dirty water capacity 250 Litres
Cleaning Device
High-pressure rotary brush and suction L+S
Available and combinable diameters:
Ø 520 mm, Ø 410 mm, Ø 300 mm, Ø 210 mm
8KW power generator mounted directly
on the engine
Drive Toothed belt
Type of voltage 230V-­50Hz
Constant voltage 8000 VA
Starting voltage 12000 VA
Weight 14 Kg
Air cooling from 45°C
Dust and moisture protection IP 31 Opt. IP 53
Basic Vehicle
Fiat Doblo MJT 1.6 Diesel Euro 6  
Toyota Hilux 2.5 Diesel Euro 6
or other compatible vehicles