Innovative special vehicles for extreme dirt cleaning

wrs 200



The hi-tech vehicle specifically designed to clean road surfaces and to remove oil, greasy substances, colour stains and residues that are normally extremely difficult to remove.

wrs 400



The new special vehicle, provided with mobile equipment for washing at high vacuum pressure, with high autonomy and suction power.





Where we work

    Gas stations
    Gas stations

    Gas stations

    Cleaning gas stations, motorway services and rest areas is critical to the prevention of fires and accidents.

    RHINO WRS 200 and WRS 400 removes residues of oil, fuels and greasy substances from all surfaces quickly and efficiently in full compliance with the applicable environmental laws and regulations.

    Parking lots
    Parking lots

    Parking lots

    Grease stains, oil leaks, residual combustion products... in order to be accessible, decent and safe, parking lots should be cleaned and free from any kind of dirt or debris.

    RHINO WRS 200, thanks to its maximum height of 1870mm, manoeuvrability and compact dimensions quickly and easily cleans any underground parking lot.



    RHINO WRS 200 and WRS 400 is a practical and efficient system when it comes to cleaning and removing gum residue and graffiti on most surfaces, including stone, concrete and cementitious materials to the more delicate ones of historic monuments.

    Roads and highways
    Roads and highways

    Roads and highways

    The cleaning and restoration of roads and motorways require the use of special equipment, in compliance with the applicable regulations of the highway code.

    RHINO WRS 200 and WRS 400 quickly and effectively restores the road surface whenever a spillage of liquids and solids occurs, ensuring road safety.

    Draining surfaces
    Draining surfaces

    Draining surfaces

    Our system can be used as a unique solution for the removal of grout or pigmentation of permeable concrete within 12-24-36
    hours after the surface treatment.

    The WRS system helps restore the natural permeable colour of concrete surfaces. It also ensures its structural functionality and draining effect.

    Sporting events tracks and circuits
    Sporting events tracks and circuits

    Sporting events tracks and circuits

    During a sporting event and in the prepare phase, it often happens that after an accident or technical issues with the race vehicles, the track gets dirty due to engine oil leaks.

    RHINO WRS 400 systems can rapidly intervene even during the race and restore the mantle of the track, in order to guarantee maximum grip and driver safety.

    Parking lots, warehouses and departments stores
    Parking lots, warehouses and departments stores

    Parking lots, warehouses and departments stores

    These areas should be kept clean and free from any kind of dirt or debris.

    RHINO WRS 400, thanks to its cutting-edge equipment, allows the cleaning of grease stains, oil spills and fuel residues in a simple, fast and eco-friendly manner.

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